Recommendations For Web Design Resources

As the title state, anyone has web design resources that are not related to UI/UX tools like photoshops etc. I’m looking for more of a general guideline for choosing colors, typography and layout patterns that i can apply immediately.

Just a couple quick links, since I’m no designer either:

For color themes, I’m a fan of – just mash the spacebar til you get colors you like :slight_smile:

Typography is a far more subtle thing, but there’s plenty of good resources at the League of Moveable Type

thank you :smiley: , the typography link is gold, i struggle alot with choosing the right fonts

colors, search up things like complementary color generator, etc.
fonts, Google Fonts.
layout, maybe try searching stuff like “<site type (blog, about, etc)> layouts”
however, if your making a blog page for example, a layout like below might work.

.grid {
  display: grid;
  header header header
  advert content content
  footer footer footer

Sorry this took so long, somehow fell asleep whilst typing.

Hi im aware of google fonts and css grids :slight_smile: , by layout patterns people use to design their page besides the normal way of styling pages which is what us how.

I was about 6 hours late though. And those are just some basic and quick(ish) ways of doing it :confused:

no worries thank you for your response :slight_smile: i wasnt aware about complementary color generator thanks

I think the OP’s question was more on the line of given a tri-partite color scheme. Where do you use your primary color, where do you use your secondary color, where do you use your complementary color?

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Steve Schoger has some excellent advise on UI design

His video walkthroughs where he redesigns a web page in Sketch are also really informative.