Recommended Environments for Responsive Web Design Projects

Hello Everyone,

Can anyone recommend a good setup to start building the projects for the Responsive Web Design section? For example, are we to just build out the files and then launch them on a local server? Or is there a better IDE type of platform you can recommend?

This must come off as an ultra-beginner questions and, well, I am. :slight_smile:

Loving this course so far, though and hoping to glean a lot more skill from both the study material and the kindess of this forum’s members.

the projects give you one option that answers your question. For eg. in the Tribute Page challenge, the very first line says

Objective: Build a app that is functionally similar to this:

so “” is a place you can go to start building your project (that’s all I’ve used since I started FCC as it works well for me). Other people like to develop on their personal computers and for that you just need a good editor to get started (for eg. you can look up Atom editor).

If you’re completely new, you can start with until you get the hang of things and then consider moving to other platforms (or your local development machine) later.

Thank you, @habar1st, I think I’ll take a look at configuring Atom.

Take a look at using XAMPP as a local server. If you’re wanting to become a full stack developer, this is a good place to learn php as well and mess around with a database. You would have to learn from outside sources of FCC but its one of my gotos.

Codepen is great for getting up and running.

I think it’s a good idea to start building projects locally sooner rather than later. It makes you start using your terminal and think about file structure.

  1. Install node.js. Python can also be used to serve. If you’re following FCC curriculum, you’ll be using node eventually.

  2. Navigate to the root directory of your project in terminal. EX, cd myProjectName. Get to where your index.html (or whatever you named it) is located.

  3. From that directory, type ‘serve’ (without quotes) . This will serve your project on localhost:5000, or a similar address. Go to that address in your browser.

Terminal can be intimidating at first, but it’s great to learn some simple commands as early as possible.

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Thank you kindly, @Tanner. Really appreciate all the goodwill and helpful recommendations thus far.

As an aside, I’ve decided to devote myself to mastering Atom as it seems to be the most flexible and applicable platform for so much more than simply text editing. The “packages”, as they’re called, function essentially like WordPress plugins and it’s all 100% cool with GitHub.

If anyone is curious about how I go, please ask. I’ll gladly share what I know and will likely be making some YouTube tutorials to help get people off the ground. is an amazing platform and I’m stoked to be a part of it.

Maybe one day, after a I get the hang of some of this, I can give something back.

No probs. That’s an easy option for Atom.

Oh, wow. That looks like an awesome package. Atom really is amazing.
Thanks for that, @Tanner.