Recommended study materials for Web / App developers

Last week I did a skill assessment for a C# Software Developer traineeship and it was brutal ; _ ;
Before the assessment I considered myself at least adequate in C# (used it in college, build some games) but in the test were a lot of questions about things such as encapsulation, Unit Testing, decision structures.

Techniques and methods like these, don’t pop up in practical tutorials very often so now I’m wondering if anyone knew some books, tutorials that cover these fundamentals. I also haven’t completed the full FCC curriculum yet, does it cover these topics as well?

look up mosh hamedani. he has really comprehensive courses on udemy especially for C# and ASP.NET and he has a few things on youtube.

otherwise you kinda have to just keep trying to figure out what you dont know and watch/read everything you can get your hands on about that thing

Sorry! I forgot to mention I’m looking for materials for Full Stack Web / App developers ^^;
I’ve put software developer aside for now :stuck_out_tongue:

He has courses for node and react too. Check him out