Recommnded Python IDE for old Linux Netbook

I got an old netbook for when I am out and about with meager 2gb RAM and this weekend I finally got around to install Linux Mint, because before that it could barely do anything.

However now that it is indeed running somewhat reasonable again, I’d like to use Python on it and am wondering if someone can recommend an IDE for such a weak machine.
I already installed Idle but given I am trying to get into Data Analysis, something that would be better suited for Matplotlib and such would be nice. I just don’t really know a lot about Python IDEs and it’s my first expirience with Linux.

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hi there @Jagaya , I am sure you know about PyCharm…It i supposed to be one of the best code editors for python.

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I recommend ‘Pycharm Community version’ IDE for a beginning. It is free. Later you can change to the paid version. If you are aiming Data Analysis , start with Python. .please visit for more details.

Ok guess I’ll go test PyCharm. I’ve read the system requirements and it has trouble meeting those, but let’s give it a shot anyway ^^

@Jagaya I recommend using as light weight IDE as you can. Better yet, I think a simple text editor would be just fine. Try Gedit or BlueFish text editor.

In Gedit there are a few options in the setting you can change to help you code better like setting tabs to 4 spaces, add line numbers, a nice theme, etc.

I’m also a big fan of gedit. It isn’t fancy, but it provides basic syntax highlighting. You can always run your code directly in the terminal.

If I were you, I would search for something faster, but if there is no such possibility try PyCharm, one of the best IDE for Python, and if it will no work as fast as you would like switch to gedit.