Record Collection challenge completed, but how to log to console?

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Hi all,

Having completed the Record Collection challenge (which was strangely satisfying), I then went on to try to use a console.log to print the output to the console. I have included my code at the end of the challenge, which I thought would be as simple as entering 'console.log(updateRecords(5439, “artist”, “ABBA”)); '. However, this only prints ‘object Object’ to the console. I’ve tried a host of variations, some of which result in no return at all. I’ve been through various previous lessons on how to access nested object and nested arrays etc, but I haven’t been able to get this to print to the console.

I’m sure this is going to be painfully simple, so I’m ready to be humiliated :smile:

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// Setup
var collection = {
    "2548": {
      "album": "Slippery When Wet",
      "artist": "Bon Jovi",
      "tracks": [ 
        "Let It Rock", 
        "You Give Love a Bad Name" 
    "2468": {
      "album": "1999",
      "artist": "Prince",
      "tracks": [ 
        "Little Red Corvette" 
    "1245": {
      "artist": "Robert Palmer",
      "tracks": [ ]
    "5439": {
      "album": "ABBA Gold"
// Keep a copy of the collection for tests
var collectionCopy = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(collection));

// Only change code below this line

function updateRecords(id, prop, value) {
  if (prop != "tracks" && value != "") {
    collection[id][prop] = value;
  } else if (prop == "tracks" && collection[id].hasOwnProperty("tracks") != true) {
    collection[id].tracks = [(value)];
  } else if (prop == "tracks" && value != "") {
  } else if (value == "") {
    delete collection[id][prop];  
  return collection;

// Alter values below to test your code
console.log(updateRecords(5439, "artist", "ABBA")); 

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there are some limitations on what the freecodecamp console can show - if you would have done that in other editors, or using the browser console you would have gotten the right thing

on freecodecamo editor you need to use console.log(JSON.stringify(...)) for some things to appear - try with this

Ah, that makes sense! I couldn’t find any logical issues with my initial approach, so I did wonder if this could be the problem.

Thanks again!