Recovering Coder

Hi everyone,

I started learning how to code via fcc and other supplementary sources more than 2.5 years ago. It started out great, I surrounded myself with other coders, loved the backend node.js and databases, but life got in the way, or so I let myself believe.
Anyhow, built myself a new pc a couple of days ago, after working on a prehistoric laptop for the last decade, and I am ready to get into gear and learn as much as possible.
I love web dev, my design skills are non-existent but I love coding the backend, and even making some basic games in Unity3d.
I wish to thank you all for being such an amazing community, and I hope to learn enough that one day I may contribute to it and pay back for what I am yet to learn from it.



Thank you for taking the time to tell us that we’re making a positive difference in your journey. Welcome back and happy coding!

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I freaking love this, keep at it man!

Whenever you lose focus just come back to whats important, its natural we are human.

Keep at it!

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