Recovering from Broken Laptop With Git When You Have the source files on memory stick

Hello FCC friends,

So I was building my weather app among other projects and my Linux box had problems and 25% of the screen became unusable.

Question How do I git the packages and everything working again?

#1 I have about 5 of the projects on GitHub including the weather app update and current.
#2 I have all of the source files.
#3 When I was loading npm and nodejs it seemed odd let me get that for you… it seems npm install is not working… I installed something called NVM node version manager and set it current yet I would prefer ^6.11.4 I think it was or a 6 series instead of 8, really looking for the most stable that is on 6 it seems… Screenshot from 2017-08-22 07-14-56

nvm install stable

Go to github, find the project, find the Clone or Download button and grab the link

git clone link/you/just/got/from/github/to/yourrepo
cd yourrepo


npm install

If you’ve already got the project with a node_modules in it, rm -rf node_modules and npm install again