Recovering old website (I have the Code)

Hello Coders,
Myself Abhyuday.

So, I was in the use of websites which was working till 2007 or so, as I used that a lot at that time and by chance, I have the code of the website but as that website has been closed by the owner so when I upload the picture to cartoonize me it keeps on uploading ever long. I guess it can’t found any server or so.
Please help me, is there any way I can use that? I have the source code I repeat.

Thanks in Advance

if the code to cartoonize you is server-side, then you do not have the code to do that, if the code was client-side you could probably create a local instance and have it work (maybe it will need a check to see that there is nothing deprecated…)

more than thay, you will need to give more infos

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Hello there, using the web archive I visited that. You can check that by following the link attached. Please do help me if this is possible to simpsonize me using this website. Please.

I gave this a look, and the site runs on Flash. You’ll be hard pressed to find any support for that as Flash is being deprecated at the end of the year.

Additionally, I couldn’t get the wayback machine to load the Flash version, so it might be tricky to extract any source code…

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