Recursion and changing variables

I am using a recursive function to plot some points on a graph.
For example:

def loop(x, c, limit):
    x1 = pow(x,2)
    #plot x1 as a coordinate
    if limit > 0:
        loop(x1, limit - 1)

loop(x, 5) #x would be some chosen starting point on the graph

This would create a bunch of points that exponentially grow for 5 iterations. For example. If I want to know at which point on the graph 5 iterations would take the x point beyond 10,000 (or something) and color the dots (including the original dot!) a different color how would I do that? So like if x = 5, 5 would reach past 10k on the 5th iteration. So then ALL the x dots on this loop would be colored differently since starting at five would break 10k.

I try different things but only dots that actually go over 10k end up getting colored differently.

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