Recursion: Range of Numbers; Need help discussing my code

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Hello! So I’m happy to announce that after 2 weeks of trying to learn, and relearn basic JavaScript, I have finally came to understand recursion! (Or from what I only understand anyway).

My code so far

function rangeOfNumbers(startNum, endNum) {
if(startNum > endNum) return [];
  const countArray = rangeOfNumbers(startNum+1, endNum);
  return countArray;


What I did was, setting a condition checking if the startNum is greater than the endNum.
And if it is it will return an array.

The thing about my recursive function is that, if you’ll look at countArray.

Instead of having the endNum count down towards the startNum.
I had the startNum count up towards the endNum.

And place the new startNum in front of the array countArray.
Which in turn, returns the new countArray after the function call.

I just wanted to ask if my understanding on my code is correct.
Also, how is a new array created from the countArray variable without an array declaration?

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Challenge: Use Recursion to Create a Range of Numbers

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i guesst the out put will be if const let work

I think there is a bug putting a const then change startNum+1 const doesn’t let change anything. also countArray is the name given a variable it doesn’t seem a real arry. the argument have to be a array if you want array. or
do you want to create an array?
im not so pro one im just student.

maybe i have some bug too. i will try.

function rangeOfNumbers(startNum, endNum) {
theArray = [startNum] // this you create an array and put th start num arry firts.
if(startNum >= endNum){
return console.log( theArray ); }
else {
let countArry = rangeOfNumbers( this.startNum = startNunm+1, endNum);
return console.log(" ---------shouldent end here --------- ")