Redid my portfolio after 22 projects and 8 months of FCC; would love feedback!
I’m gearing up to start applying for jobs in the next few weeks. I plan on doing a collaborative angular 2 project and practicing interview questions before I start applying. Does anyone have any advice or questions about my experience so far?

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I really enjoy it! Especially the GlennSunni website!

Keep going!

I have problems with viewing the local weather app. I see just a white string “Local Weather”. Even though i permitted allowance to my location.

Your portfolio looks great, great design touch, but it loads a bit too long, from a viewer’s perspective.

Thanks! I definitely will

Hm, I’m having trouble replicating the bug, but I’ll keep looking into it. I agree, the images definitely load too slowly; I’ll have to optimize further. Thanks a lot for your feedback!