Redid My portfolio. Vote for your favorite or give feedback

Here is the link to my second one:
Here is the first one:

which do you like better?

  • First
  • Second

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Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

The second one is definitely an improvement! I like the cool effect on the navbar, but on mobile devices it may not work as well, since you can’t hover on mobile, unless you had an on click on it, which I haven’t checked.

Another note I would add too, is on your header, there is a lot of white space underneath your header and buttons. Centering the text within that div should make that look more fluid, and maybe add in a gradient of color, or even a nice bg image to make it pop out more?

As for the projects section, I’m not sure how I feel about them being placed into a scrollable div. This could just be personal preference of mine, but I would have them in a column, vs being stacked ontop of one another in a nice display card. And once you get to smaller screen sizes, they would all collapse down to their own columns.

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I fixed everything you asked for.

Looks like everybody likes the second one.