Redirecting to ('/') is not passing

Redirecting to home route is not passing the test, it is actually doing good and you really redirected … but this part of the test did not pass.

also , all of these are working fine but not passing because all of them contains redirecting

//logout route
  .get((req, res) => {

function ensureAuthenticated(req, res, next) {
  if (req.isAuthenticated()) {
    return next();
 res.redirect(301, '/');

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If u can’t pass at the test and ure convinced u did it right. Why not check with others? and see what they did diffrend can be a FCC related issue or not.

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Please post the link to your Glitch project.

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I have solved it by changing home page title from ‘fcc …’ to ‘Home Page’.
and all tests passed…

Brilliant, thank you for that @ahmad.ali ! How did you ever figure that out?

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the test string on github for this challenge

Could you possibly tell me how to find those? I looked yesterday but couldn’t find them. There have been several cases now where it would be really helpful if I could see the test details.

Actually, I happened to stumble across them when reading a related GitHub issue today :grinning:

In case anyone else would like to see them, they’re described in the markdown files here: