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I finished this challenge but I’m confuse why there is a 0 in the end of reduce method in variable sumOfAges and calculate correctly output 64. And I try to remove it in variable wrong and it’s output is [object Object]2010.

Can anyone explain why there is a zero there.

const users = [
{ name: 'John', age: 34 },
{ name: 'Amy', age: 20 },
{ name: 'camperCat', age: 10 }

const sumOfAges = users.reduce((sum, user) => sum + user.age, 0);
console.log(sumOfAges); // 64

const wrong = users.reduce((sum, user) => sum + user.age);
console.log(wrong); // [object Object]2010
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Challenge: Use the reduce Method to Analyze Data

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You can pass an initialValue as argument to reduce.

If it’s present or not the behavior changes:

When it’s present in the first iteration the currentValue will be the initialValue.
If not, it will be the first element of the array.

So in this case:

with initial value on the first iteration we have:
0, 34

without initial value we have:
{ name: 'John', age: 34 }, 20

Thus summing an object and a number will produce that weird result.

More info on this on MDN reduce page.
Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Oh thank you it helps me to understand.

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