Redux action not seding dispatch

Hello everyone, I need help. I have tried everything I knew but it simply won’t work. After the request has been send, the action is not dispatching anything to the reducer. It works if I try to return payload and type before sending request but I need the data to be loaded. Please help, I need to finish this urgently. Thanks! (I didn’t paste original url and number)

export const sendCode = async (phone) => {
    console.log("Telefon" + String(phone))
    let formatedPhone = parseInt(phone.substring(1))
    formatedPhone = formatPhoneNumber(String(formatedPhone), true)
    let success

    await"MY_URL", { "phoneNumber": "123456789" }).then(response => {
        success = true
    }).catch(err => {
        success = false

    return success ? { payload: { msg: "Success", tel: formatedPhone }, type: types.CODE_SENT } : { payload: { msg: "Fail", tel: "" }, type: types.CODE_NOT_SENT }

My guess is that you’re not awaiting for sendCode wherever you’re calling it. Because from the code you posted it’s hard to tell whats going on. Also if it’s Redux, it won’t work with async code out of the box, you need some middleware (like redux-thunk).

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