Redux: Define a Redux Action

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    type : 'LOGIN'


This code works to pass check points but this isn’t giving the motive of redux. It passes the check points only.
But i just wrote what was asked in check points to clear that like :

An action object should exist.
The action should have a key property type with value LOGIN .

Thats what i provided ! Please provide me some suggestion because i don’t think this is right.

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// Define an action here:
const action = {
type : 'LOGIN'

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Challenge: Define a Redux Action

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It’s that simple, Redux Actions are just plain objects. Later you will see Action Creators which again are super simple, they are just functions returning the action object.

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okay got it!
I thought i would use redux other things also.
Thank you!

Well, there is a lot more to Redux than just Actions. You will see as you go through the challenges and learn more about it.

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