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const ADD = 'ADD';

const reducer = (state = 0, action) => {
switch(action.type) {
  case ADD:
    return state + 1;
    return state;

const store = Redux.createStore(reducer);

// Global count variable:
let count = 0;

// Change code below this line
const incrementCount =()=>{ store.getState() +1}
store.subscribe((incrementCount )=>{console.log('sub')})

// Change code above this line

store.dispatch({type: ADD});
store.dispatch({type: ADD});
store.dispatch({type: ADD});
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Challenge: Redux - Register a Store Listener

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First of all, at this point in your learning, you should be a doing a better job describing your problems. This is an important skill for a developer. That and being able to search online for answers.

But yeah, redux is weird at first. Don’t get frustrated.

The instructions was:

Write a callback function that increments the global variable count every time the store receives an action…

I think that is a poorly worded sentence, It should tell you to write a function that increments the global variable count, which is defined a few lines above.

const incrementCount =()=>{ store.getState() +1}

That does nothing with the global variable count. It also really doesn’t do anything - it retrieves the state (which it doesn’t need to do) and then adds 1 to it, and then does nothing with that value - it disappears into the mist.

You just need a function that increments count.


… and pass this function in to the store.subscribe() method.

You have this:

store.subscribe((incrementCount )=>{console.log('sub')})

You are passing it a function that logs out something (which it doesn’t need to do). You are assuming that subscribe is going to pass in a parameter called “incrementCount” - note that this is not the function you created - you think subscribe is going to pass something in there, you just gave it the same name.

But you don’t have to worry about anything like that - just pass your callback function to subscribe - it’s simpler than what you’re trying.

Try it again. If it doesn’t work, show us what you’re trying and we’ll get you closer.

OK, I thought about it a little more. Yes, your callback function can just increment count itself. But I think the wording means that we want to use the store, like you did in your original callback. But we don’t need to do anything with it - it has already been incremented by the reducer - we just need to store it in our variable. Both approaches pass but I think the second is what they want.

It’s a confusing lesson and I’m not 100% sure why we’re doing this. But redux is confusing and is hard to teach, it’s hard to break into small chunks that make sense on their own.