Redux - Register a Store Listener

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I successfully pass the tests with my code as-is, but nothing is being logged to the console. After running my tests, the log output shows “Build error, open your browser console to learn more.” I opened the browser console and the only thing that stands out is this (img attached). Is there something wrong with my implementation?

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const ADD = 'ADD';

const reducer = (state = 0, action) => {
  switch(action.type) {
    case ADD:
      return state + 1;
      return state;

const store = Redux.createStore(reducer);

// Global count variable:
let count = 0;

// Change code below this line
function incrementCount() {
  return count++;

// Change code above this line

store.dispatch({type: ADD});
store.dispatch({type: ADD});
store.dispatch({type: ADD});

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Challenge: Redux - Register a Store Listener

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store.subscribe takes a callback, you should not be invoking incrementCount

I’m confused why subscribe(incrementCount()); is not considered to use a callback?

I do need the incrementCount() function, right? Or should I instead be doing something like this:

subscribe(incrementCount()=> {
  return count++

You just need to pass incrementCount as the argument to subscribe. Instead, you are passing the execution of incrementCount to subscribe. The subscribe method will execute the function on its own. You want to pass a function that will be “called” later by subscribe.

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Ah! Thanks for clarifying :grinning: