Redux Remove an Item from an Array

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I feel like using splice instead of slice would also do the job. Why is this incorrect?

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const immutableReducer = (state = [0,1,2,3,4,5], action) => {
switch(action.type) {
  case 'REMOVE_ITEM':
    // Don't mutate state here or the tests will fail
    return [...state].splice(action.index,1)
    return state;

const removeItem = (index) => {
return {
  type: 'REMOVE_ITEM',

const store = Redux.createStore(immutableReducer);
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Challenge: Remove an Item from an Array

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Look at the docs for the splice method return value.

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I had this same question. Thanks! Didn’t realize it only returned the missing subset. I guess that makes sense since it’s modifying the array in place.

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