Redux - Still the State Management Library of Choice in 2020?

I searched the forum for Redux opinions going into 2020. I know that Context API is available now and has been for some time. The last thread posted was in July of 2018, nearly 18 months ago.

So is it worth my time to learn Redux well (currently I’m muddling through), or spending my time on Context API? Or will learning one lead ti easy learning of the other?

Until now I’ve just been using state, but with everything lifted to the top, and with Redux, It just seems like we are back to global variables for ease of use and things have come full circle from BASIC programming.

What are your thoughts?

My personal summary is that new context is ready to be used for low frequency unlikely updates (like locale/theme). It’s also good to use it in the same way as old context was used. I.e. for static values and then propagate updates through subscriptions. It’s not ready to be used as a replacement for all Flux-like state propagation. — Sebastian Markbage


Thank you. So it sounds like this is time well spent.

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