Redux - workflow

Hello, what is your usual workflow with Redux (or similar tools)… For example, think of the store at first, then the view, then the reducers and actions or, maybe in other order?
I’ll add that in many books and tutorials I’ve seen, you usually have a working example explained file by file, or from top to bottom , but the actual workflow is not presented, it just says what you need to have to make it work, not how to think about the problem from scratch.

Yes, thinking about it that is a bit of a failing of a lot of tutorial material. It is a state container, decide what the state looks like first — if you don’t know this (or at least a basic version of it), then you’ll have issues. That’s the store. Then probably how/what needs to change — so a list of things that change state (these will be actions). Then the reducer/s are just a function that takes the state + the action and return a new modified state, they’re kind of an implementation detail.

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Thanks for the good explanation. They should quote you in many tutorials :slight_smile: