Refactoring ternary

Quick question about refactoring a ternary, how would I remove the ternary from this if I want to get rid of function1?

return !test1 && test2 ? function1() : function2();

I tried:
if(!test1 && test2) {
return function2();

The program I’m working on has linting set up and is yelling at me that theres no return… did I refactor it wrong? What would be the best way to refactor it?


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return today === friday ? "TGIF" : "despair";

This is the same as above

if (today === friday) {
  return "TGIF";
return "despair";

if the condition on the left of the ternary is correct it returns function1(), but your if statement uses the same condition to return function2() ?

shouldn’t the condition be if (test1 && !test2) ?

test1 && !test2 is not the negation of !test1 && test2.

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