Reflection about learning process

I am kinda excited when dealing with JavaScript,

but have some procrastination going when it comes to CSS,

kinda OK with HTML though when structuring the page.

Should I jump to some conclusions because of such observations? In terms of learning direction/learning process?

UPDATE. Also I should say that as a user I am content-oriented person. When I found on some page what I needed I can deal with crappy styled page, even with crappy usability sometimes.

A lot of us don’t like CSS. And a lot of programmers don’t like design in general. But you still have to learn the basics. Just keep at it.

One more thing(also about learning process, so Ifeel like it’s not necessary to create anew topic for that)

I am helping some people with the issues about challenge steps here not only because it’s nice thing to do, but also because I feel that it helps me in my own learning efforts. Any advice about that?

That’s something that’s not required to do but it’s personally awarding when you’re helping someone. In my case, I ask a lot of questions and may even annoy volunteers but I try my best to give back what they give me (by helping others, too).

I can relate to this one

Don’t feel bad about asking questions.

As a person that answers a lot of questions, I have no problem with that. What irritates me a little is when it is because people haven’t read the instructions well enough or when they haven’t tried to google the information (an extremely important skill for a developer, seriously).

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