Reflections after my first codingame contest

I took part in my fist codingame’s contest: ghost in the cell. I was fun, but at times it was frustrating experience. codingame ‘forces’ you to write code in a single file, which is kind of crappy.

I strongly believe that writing complex code without tests is like trying to climb a mountain without a climbing equipment: recklessness. Sure, it slows you down a bit, but it can save you a life, or at least save you from lots of frustrations.

Fortunately, you can write typed, testable, modular code that can be automagically converted to a form that can be executed at codingame’s site with some help from typescript, webpack and codingame’s sync extensions.

Here’s the boilerplate code I’ve prepared:

Here’s the code I’ve developed during the contest (I ended up in gold league):

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