Refreshing Page Bug

I am making a website and I just created a contact form on the bottom of my website. Now every time I refresh the page or click “home” it brings me to that contact form. Does anybody know what could be causing this? I could post code but i am not sure what to post as in how much of the code and if I should include the css. Thanks!

Posting a link to the codepen where you’re making your project will give us more light.

im not using codepen, im using sublime text

Sounds like an anchor referencing an id of an element on your form.

Is there anything in the URL apart from localhost:3000 or whichever port you are using?
like localhost:3000#something

Could also try flushing your cache, or seeing if this bug is reproduced on different browsers

Hard to tell without seeing code, try load it on a codepen or upload to github

here is the link to code pen btw… I am still not sure what is causing this… even when I type the website domain into another window, it automatically scrolls to the contact form.

I only see a contact form here…Double check to make sure you put in all the code so that we can see where the problem may be.

I updated the code pen

I didn’t experience any jump, but in your html, on lines 34 and 35, you have closing </body> and </html> tags, instead of putting then after all your content. On lines 37-43 you have stylesheet links which should be in the <head> tag, on line 44 you have php code,