Regarding getting into software development field as a software development engineer in a big company

I am finding out from the website link Software development topics | that I am supposed to prepare well for the following topics on software development for working in big companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart etc.

Programming language

Data structures



Object Oriented Design


Distributed computing

Operating systems

Internet topics

General machine learning and artificial intelligence

I am finding some resources on the internet for preparing on these topics and solving problems in them. However, I am unable to find out exactly how to present them in my resume so that my resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) can get noticed by recruiters of the corresponding companies and I get a chance to work with those companies as a software development engineer.

I am a complete fresher to software development and I have been trying for jobs in the field of software development from quite a long time now.

I am based in the South East Asian country India and I am a tech enthusiast and a highly passionate software developer.

I am unable to attach my resume here in this message as there is no option given for the same.

I want to get a job offered in software development field.

Can somebody help me with me with this issue of mine?

You can put your resume on GitHub and link to it from here.

To get general help on this, you can also search up “software developer resume examples”.


Thanks for the quick response. I have a few questions about using GitHub for my job related work in the first place. May I please know whether you would be able to answer them for me?

“Don’t ask to ask, just ask”

I’m as well from India and know how social + peer pressure works to get into these big companies which gives big fat salaries ( then we and our parents can show off to friends, relatives, neighbours etc ), but I have different views about why you should NOT join these companies atleast for next 5 years, as you’re starting fresh.

Instead I suggest you joining a startup or indie developer’s project as it will broaden your vision as not only as a developer but also a product, marketing, sales, customer care team. Your learnings will be 100X compared to you working in these top companies whose fat salaries will make most of new engineers lazy.

Do check out below links to apply in a startup

  1. Find the best startup jobs and remote jobs curated by Y Combinator. | Y Combinator


  3. Also check out top VC websites where they mention jobs from startups they have invested in.

  4. Also avoid service companies in India like Infosys, TCS, HCL etc as most of these companies only care about quarterly profits for their investors and hardly care about your career growth.

All the very best.

… and who knows if one of these startups turned out to be next Uber, Instagram, Whatsapp just image how much money you can make in next decade vs working with Amazon ( by the way check the glassdoor entries about its work culture in India office )


Thank you for your message.

After a lot of searching and sorting, I finally arrived at this webpage where I have got a Github profile.

Your Repositories (

May I please know how can I upload my resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) here so that it catches the attention of the recruiters of the companies where I am trying to apply for jobs?

Can you pls let me know about this?

Thanks in advance.

We don’t allow users to upload a resume for the sole purpose of trying to find a job and attract recruiters since this isn’t a job site.

I would suggest creating a linkedin profile since that is where recruiters will be.

If you are looking to get feedback on your resume, then a lot of people will post a picture of their resume like this post here

Hope that helps!

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