Regarding getting s/w testing jobs

Hello, I am 40 yrs old working in s/w testing area for around 13 years in india. I hv basic knowledge to understand german language. I am planning to move to Germany on job search visa… can some one guide me about job prospects there and chances of getting a job in my case.
Please provide information about it. Thanks

cool, you can speak 3 different languages. Sorry cant help you there as i am currently working in SEA, not europe.

Hi Namaste Vikas,

Step 1: Sign up at , the world’s largest online workplace and leave a tidy profile. Enter your first name exactly as in your passport. Complete the skill tests. Upload a good passport photo (don’t forget your most charming smile!);

Step 2: Do the same on the #1 IT freelancer portal in Germany -;

Step 3: On the two mentioned websites search for all tasks, which you could do remotely. Don’t expect big payments - you are new and unknown there. Don’t hesitate to do test assignments for free;

Step 4: When you’re contacted by clients, say YES to any task that you can deliver;

Step 5: Ask each (!) of your clients for references, take screenshots of each task done. Add all of them to your portfolio. So in 30–60 days you have a nice convincing portfolio of 8-10 tasks done.

Step 6: After you have 8–10 successfully done tasks in your portfolio, don’t do any more free jobs. But keep on saying YES to every next job, even if you paid very little. Keep adding screenshots and asking for references.

Step 7: Beginning with step 6 ask each client for a permanent position on their company. Sooner or later you’ll get the job contract or what is more likely, a job offer. A job offer is sufficient for the getting of an national German visa and in addition, a Bluecard EU.

If you give up asking for a permanent position (step 7), you still have a convincing portfolio with references from Germans (and possibly other European employers). This alone enables further freelance jobs on a remote basis.

Keep on doing step 6 stubbornly - it brings you money for life and savings for your plane tickets to Europe (or any other country, where you’d like to work).

As you see I didn’t pay attention to the specific steps for getting job search visa. There is nothing wrong with job visa but in Germany things but in Germany they do things without rush. The six months of the job search visa can be over very fast. Isn’t it better to start looking for a job in your home country.

Last but not least: Upwork invitations
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Good luck!