Regarding Job Application

Hi! While my job search, I have found a position in the company for Junior React Developer. I am a self-taught web developer without any experience. As I was researching the company’s website, I have found some issues which I can improve. can anyone suggest how should I approach the company for my job application?

Apply if you haven’t done so already!

I think there are a few ways you can tackle these issues you’ve found.

  1. Find contact information, and tell them about the problem and potential solutions. Odds are whoever you contact isn’t a developer, so I wouldn’t talk technical or focus to much on how to solve it.

  2. Actually fix it if you can, but depending on the issue this might be rather impressive (I fixed your security bug!) to rather mundane (I changed some CSS). Regardless, keep that info handy to “show off” later in the interview process if possible.

  3. Actually fix all their issues and contact them to tell them about your version. This is only sensible if your version is vastly better, and you actually are able to “sell” your version, either thru showing your experience, or actually sell them your version of their website. Again this only makes sense if the issues you find are large.

Regardless, I don’t really see a way to advise the company early in the interview process where it helps you. Its very possible the issues you’ve found aren’t even related to React, or the website isn’t an internally built application. Depending on the company its possible they have some “simple user facing website” that is more for publicity than any fancy application built from scratch by internal developers.

However, if your able to fix those issues, big or small, you can bring it up in later interviews to not only show relevant technical skills but also to show you’ve invested time in looking into this company.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building, keep applying!

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