Regarding switching job from Production Support to Product Development

Hi All,
I have been working in a Telecom Project where we support the application production.
The applications that we support are Comptel, Real time mediation, Geneva etc.
The skills that we use are SQL queries and Unix Shell Scripting (whereever necessary).
I have become desperate to switch my job to more of a development role.
Please let me know how can i start (which language to start with, i am thinking of Python because, i have knowledge in unix and also i know C++ well and i love operating systems).
Thing is that, since i have not worked on developing anything as such please, let me know if i can contribute to anything here and learn it meanwhile. I want to become good in programming languages like Python, C++ or JAVA.

Thanks a lot.

freecodecamp is all Javascript for programming - it may be more practical to learn about requirements for development positions in your company if you plan to transfer

can you please let me know if there are any other online sites where i can even contribute on python or something? of course i will do JS as well. :slight_smile:

I don’t know of a site like freecodecamp for other languages - a google search should turn up many free and paid sites and courses for any language - I don’t find the few I have seen as sincere and generally useful for complete beginners as freecodecamp

If you wish to learn by contributing - which is an excellent idea - a google search should turn up many open-source projects in every field and language - there is nothing I can recommend offhand but I could comment on specific projects if I’m familiar with them

Thanks a lot for your suggestions :slight_smile: