Regex Chapter needs better challenges!

Hi people :sunny:

I love freecodecamp, it helped me a lot, thanks to Quincy and all contributors! With all due respect, I found some challenges unreasonable complicated and confusing for beginner people. I’ve been spending some hours on regex chapter, some challenges really hinder the learning progress. The examples given to demonstrate how a feature works are not matching with the usage expected from the user in the challenge. Or, the explanation is basic but the example code combines many features that you don’t understand the main usage of the feature explained. Check these two as an example:

  • Positive and Negative Lookahead
  • Regular Expressions: Reuse Patterns Using Capture Groups

Maybe it’s my dumbness, don’t know :smiley: it’s more challenging and rewarding after you solve the complication, but the motivation is something to be considered as well! Regex is already an unintuitive topic, please make it more understandable :slight_smile:


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Good day @ozanyusufoglu,

Thanks for the upfront honesty showcased in your post.

I have to admit that some challenges on freeCodeCamp are more difficult to understand than others.

One thing remains, we have to understand that freeCodeCamp is not a definitive guide to learn a web development topic.

You will smoothly flow with some topics while the others will make you wonder if you need to redo your English lessons.
Deeper than that, you will find yourself in situations whereby you’ll have to close the freeCodeCamp tab and focus on videos on other platforms.
You’ll befriend platforms like Stackoverflow, Codepen, Quora, W3School, Udemy, Skillshare, Scrimba and many more that have valuable informations for the sake of UNDERSTANDING.

Beside that, I recently went through the React and Redux section but barely understood anything. I relied on the previously asked questions on the forum to make it through and once I faced the challenges, my inefficiencies told me that I lacked UNDERSTANDING.

What did I do?

I humbly went back to the initial topic of React still on freeCodeCamp and decided to read it again.

What happened?

Things started to fully make sense after reading AGAIN.

On the same note, as much as we are willing to move faster in life, there is a NEED to humbly review what WE have just learned to see things differently.

Repetition is the mother of learning”, says the Latin proverb.

And one more thing before I end this post, contributors are just simple people that took the bold step to contribute(more kudos to them).
If you have any teaching skill and believe that you can paraphrase the content of topics that were hard for you and make it stick better, feel free to contact @QuincyLarson. He has an heart for better solutions.

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