Regexp example given in tutorial not working for me

Regexp example given in the tutorial not working for me.
The Example is
A more practical use of lookaheads is to check two or more patterns in one string. Here is a (naively) simple password checker that looks for between 3 and 6 characters and at least one number:

let password = “abc123”;
let checkPass = /(?=\w{3,6})(?=\D*\d)/;
checkPass.test(password); // Returns true

But when i check this example -

let password = “988abcdefgh”;
let checkPass = /(?=\w{3,6})(?=\D*\d)/;

The result returns True even though there are more than 6 characters

I’m using the Word2DITA conversion tool and there are quite a few find/replaces that I need to do to get the DITA files as I want them. I’m nearly there, but the questions are giving me a bit of grief.

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