Registration of New Users - Unable to register and login

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User freeCodeCampTester attempted to log in.
MongoError: cannot do raw queries on admin in atlas

// running tests
Registering should work.
Login should work.
// tests completed

My database is linked to mongoDB, and no where in my code do i have “User freeCodeCampTester attempted to log in.” Please help me find out whats wrong with the test. Thank you

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Challenge: Registration of New Users

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This error usually has to do with connecting to the database. There are a few troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure your URI is wrapped in quotes in the .env file. Something like this (note, I shortened the URI, yours will be longer):
  1. Make sure that your username and password are correct in the URI without any “<” or “>” symbols around them.

  2. Make sure you are calling the environment variable correctly: process.env.MONGO_URI

  3. If none of those things are causing the issue, using a different Node version usually fixes this error. When you create the connection string, choose version: 2.2.12 or later. Then paste the new string in the .env file and ensure steps 1-3 are right.

Hopefully one of these steps clears it up for you!