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test fails because of**( Your regex should not match the string**
how to fix this ??

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let username = "BadUs3rnam3";
let userCheck = /\^\D\d*$|^\D[a-z][a-z]*?|^\D\d\d+$/gi; // Change this line
let result = userCheck.test(username);

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Challenge: Restrict Possible Usernames

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you may break it down into two parts:
first one should check that the string has at least two letters {2,} and zero or more numbers.


second part of the regexp should only check for the last case when string has 1 letter followed by 2 numbers.
possible solution: /^([a-z]{2,}\d*|[a-z]\d{2})$/i

another one approach is to define basic rule like: the string should start from at least one letter and may be followed by zero or more numbers. And then add two additional checks:

  1. the string length should be at least 3 symbols
  2. the string should consist of two letters


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