Regular Expression Important

Just a quick one though…Is regular expression important for a developer career, i kinda skipped it in my freecodecamp learning scheme?

I suppose it is possible to get by without them depending on the type of development work you are doing, but if you are working with user input or need to manipulate text then you will want to know how to use regular expressions (and working with user input happens quite a bit in web development).

So I would recommend you learn them.

If nothing else, you’re likely to constantly need it for search/replace in a text editor. It’s difficult to productively use search/replace on files without being able to use regex, because otherwise you’re limited to just finding literal matches

As an example, I’ve just moved some files around and I haven’t set my text editor up properly to automatically update imports/exports, so they’re all wrong. So I just ran a series of replacements, eg one of them was


Which just updated everything

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It’s nice to have it under your toolbelt. Sample use cases are: replace, search, etc. When you need it, you will know it and google how to apply it.

You probably won’t find yourself dealing with gnarly, complicated regular expressions very often. Regular expressions do come up fairly often in any programming that includes strings and are also just generally a really powerful tool to have in your belt.

ok .thanks you all for you comment.

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