Regular expressions about /(?=\D*\d)/

Should the code following be changed
" /(?=\w{3,6})(?=\D*\d)/"
" /(?=\w{3,6})(?=\d{1,})/"?
It really took me much time to understand the first line until I wrote down the second line, but I’m not sure if it is OK.
And another choice is
" /(?=\w{3,6})(?=\D*\d)/"
" /(?=\w{3,6})(?=\d\D*)/"?

Both of the choices I wrote are better understood, am I right? Anybody can help me confirm that? Thanks.

Your code so far

let password = "abc123";
let checkPass = /(?=\w{3,6})(?=\D*\d)/;

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