Regular expressions are hard

I’m a lil bit new in coding and now i’m starting with the exercices and on the regular expressions i found it pretty hard to understand and also i don’t get all the features and the more i try the more i feel lost into this topic
i wanted to ask if there’s any way to learn more about them.
I’m almost getting into the project for Javascript Algorithms and Data structure Certification and the first exercice i see can only be solved with regular expressions so i don’t want to go into the hints and copy pasting the code so if anyone can help me or anyone who’s struggling as i am it would be nice.
Thank you

it absutely can be solved in many other ways

regular expressions are hard to understand, but they are also a thing that most of the times is not needed or when needed just basic features are enough

if you really want tk go deep with those, maybe try googling a bit and see what you find?

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You were right ! i solved the Pig Latin function without regular expression and it was really satisfying