Regular Expressions - Find Characters with Lazy Matching

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why is this still working even tho I added 3 wildcard ( . ) in a row?
could anyone explain me?

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let text = "<h1>Winter is coming</h1>";
let myRegex = /<...*?>/gi; // Change this line
let result = text.match(myRegex);

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Challenge: Regular Expressions - Find Characters with Lazy Matching

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Hi @sudoromeo

Why you are using a g tag? ;D

You can read here more about it: mdn regex cheatsheet and use this tool to help you regex101; explains what your regex is doing.

I hope that helps. Happy coding!

Er… that’s was my mistake I thought the challange want the output to be like this

[ '<h1>', '</h1>' ]
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Thanks a lot for you resource also

Tbh I am still confused about this

The first two wild cards are asking for there to be at least two characters, so <h1>. The third wildcard has * which will match zero or more of the previous character, and ? will try and limit the amount of characters * finds to as few as possible. So that regex is looking for at least two characters, but the third or more character is optional, because there can be zero of them. That is why its also seeing </h1> with three characters, and it will also see <something else much longer>.

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Now I understand.
Thanks !

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