Regular Expressions - Find Characters with Lazy Matching

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Hi guys, below is my reasoning for the solution but I’m not sure if I’m right or wrong so it’d be great to hear y’all fellow coders’ thoughts and feedbacks. Thanks
For this Regex: /<.*?>/
< = exact/literal match
. = match anything (i.e. ‘h’)

  • = repeat wildcard/match anything 0 or more times (i.e. 0 times gives which doesn’t exist, repeat 1x gives

    ? = lazy matching (i.e. shortest string between <> gives

Is my reasoning correct?

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let text = "<h1>Winter is coming</h1>";
let myRegex = /<.*?>/; // Change this line
let result = text.match(myRegex);

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Challenge: Regular Expressions - Find Characters with Lazy Matching

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If you just need to understand a regex pattern you can paste it into the tool below and examine its parts there to understand them.

Make sure you change the regex flavor option to ECMAScript first though

Edit: you did understand it correctly

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