Regular Expressions : Restrict Possible Usernames (2020)

I felt unprepared for the challenge, and when I clicked on “Get a Hint” neither of the two solutions made sense, because the techniques used were not mentioned in the previous lessons.

Always feel free to ask for help. Regular expressions are something that most people struggle with at first and many people continue to find difficult for a long time.

Hints are all written by community members. Sometimes the people who write the hints may have knowledge or experience that you don’t. Also, sometimes they were written when the curriculum was organized in a different way.

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Looking at the previous lessons I found everything you need to solve the challenge. Pressing “Get a Hint” too early might discourage you in a lot of ways and that’s not a good way to learn anything.

Anyway feel free to share the exact technique you can’t find in previous lessons and someone will surely look into this :slight_smile:

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Thanks, will have a second look at it.