Regular Expressions - Reuse Patterns Using Capture Groups

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Not sure why, but “42 42 42 42” seems to match the regular expression I entered. However, I only accounted for three duplicates. Where is the fourth coming from?

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let repeatNum = "42 42 42";
let reRegex = /(\d+) \1 \1/g; // Change this line
let result = reRegex.test(repeatNum);

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Challenge: Regular Expressions - Reuse Patterns Using Capture Groups

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I’m going to admit that I had to figure this one out again.

Big Hint: There are only two characters missing from your regex that will solve this challenge. One is at the very beginning and one is at the very end. They signal the start and end of a regular expression and tell that specific regular expression to only start with a digit group and end with the 3 duplicate matches.

You’re very close!

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