Regular Expressions: Specify Upper and Lower Number of Matches

Hi Campers,

I’m rattling through Regular expressions, but can’t quite work out why I’m failing the final test here:

My code so far:

let ohStr = "Ohhh no";
let ohRegex = /h{3,6}/; // Change this line
let result = ohRegex.test(ohStr);

Any pointers most welcome.

Thanks in advance.


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You are matching on hs, but the instructions want you to be dealing specifically with the words “Oh no” with 3-6 hs.

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Penny’s dropped! Many thx.

I’m actually still confused…

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You specifically need a regex for “Oh no” with three to six hs. If all that is in your regex pattern is h{3, 6} then you will match any three to six hs.