Reimagining my portoflio site

A couple of weeks back, I thought about my portfolio page I built several years ago and the number of libraries and backend services I used. Right now it is collecting interweb dust as I haven’t updated it for a good while.

I was going to brush it up some but then I realized: It didn’t feel like it was mine. So I decided to build one from scratch.

It’s still not done yet. Some links need to be wired up and the contact form isn’t connected to anything. Eventually, I will use the site as pug and handlebar files to a node server and handle all the messages from a secure admin view.

Anywho, I welcome all comments and criticisms :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel,

I really like the site. I guess I can’t really tell what is “done” and what isn’t (I see that you mentioned there are a few things still need to be done), so I’ll just note the things that I see and you can ignore them if you’re still getting to them :slight_smile:

Just going from top to bottom:

  1. This may be something that’s coming in the future, but making your email address a mailto: hyperlink might generate a little traffic
  2. I’m not sure if the job descriptions are done yet, but I’m having a tough time parsing out what they mean. I can mostly figure it out, but it took me long enough that I wonder if it might not be better to be a little more clear?
  3. For some reason, it bugs me that most of the descriptions are in one tense (“Bring” to the table, “Capitalize” on low hanging fruit, etc) except for “Keeping” your eye on the ball…


  1. totally, completely subjective, but I think that different style guides differ on whether it’s “bachelor’s of science” or “bachelor of science”. If you’re going to keep the ‘s’, there’s usually an apostrophe before it; and it may be worth noting that “bachelor” (singular) is, in my limited experience, more common (i.e. googling “bachelors of science” redirects to the wikipedia page for “bachelor of science”). Again, totally subjective, but if it were me, I’d either go with the singular or add an apostrophe.


  1. “…Whether it’s shaping a virtual world” is kind of a sentence fragment. I’d be inclined to do something more like, “…choice of activity, whether it’s shaping…” or otherwise rejiggering the structure of one or both of those sentences to avoid the fragment.


  1. Same thing… “Whether you need…” is a fragment. One possible fix might be to phrase it as, “conversation about software, whether you need…” or similar.

All in all, very cool portfolio. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you’d like more feedback on an updated draft! Otherwise, good luck with the career!

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Thanks @ryoungblom for your critique. You’re right about the experience not being coherent as the dscriptions are still placeholder text. I was using a startbootstrap template as inspiration. I need to go back and replace it with proper descriptions.

The whole “Bachelor” thing throws me for a loop when I’m doing resumes :frowning: I’ll take a look.

All in all, thanks so much for the proofreading!