Reinforcing what you've learned?

Hey all! I’m fairly new and recently started working my way down the curriculum and was wondering, what are some good methods of reinforcing what you’ve learned? Working on projects and such is one method of course, but at this point in time I’m more interested in things like flash cards and other methods of simple rote memorization. What are some good sources for things like this?

Make your own cards. Do you have a code editor you used before coming on fcc? What I like to do is after the lesson I will write some example code in my editor, and add notes about what it does, what arguments it takes, what it can and can’t be used on. Stuff like that. You can use normal pen and paper. Like they say if you write it down it helps you remember

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An online “code playground” can be really useful for playing around with a lot of concepts. This Sitepoint article goes over several playgrounds that you could use. I’ve used jsfiddle a lot and CodePen a little.

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Take quizzes. Look up interview questions or quizzes on certain subject like a framework or what not, and do them until you get most of them. There are a few one off apps like that for Java, Python…Etc.

If your ambitious, this can be a full stack project in itself, set up a database for you to inputs questions/answers, and set up a stack to serve them as multiple choice. I’ve done similar things with a group of 4 other people in 3 weeks.

There are of course much more polished products like Enki or Mimo which give you kind of a burst of daily quiz and review.

These are mostly tool for concept reviews and memorization, something you can do for like 10 minutes during a train ride or what not

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Thanks for the replies everyone, lots of helpful information and resources :smile:

Rote memorisation has no role in learning to code.

Don’t waste your time on flashcards.

What you could do is read through reference material on JavaScript methods, such as:

and write your own examples using an online code editor. Make sure you understand the basic string, number and array methods. Then try out some easy algorithm problems.