Relational Database (Beta) stuck in "Starting virtual server"

I tried to start doing the “Learn Bash by building a Boiler Plate” course but I am stuck with codeally simply showing the “Starting virtual server” checkmark. Tried multiple times with Chrome, Firefox and Edge: all seems to be showing the same issue.

if you tried refreshing the page multiple times,the final solution could be deleting the container with the course you started which is Learn Bash by building a Boiler Plate by going to the codeally,unfortunately you have to start from the beginning.

deleting the whole progress is not a solution to be honest

The other option to try first is to try opening a different course from the relational db page. If that one works, then go back and try this one again and see how things go.

well first it is suggested in the beta version notice but as the last option,i mention it here because your are just beginning the course so no hard work.
second many people including my self has used it and it works,be sure to try that as the last option.