Relational Database Course - More like this?

Hey there,

I tried the Relational Database Course that you can take inside VS Code and is mentioned here:

I totally enjoy that one so far.
The course itself is really entertaining and I like that it is taken inside VS Code.

So I was wondering are there more courses to be implemented in that fashion?
Are there other “hidden” courses (not yet included in the official curriculum on like this that could be taken for a test ride already?
And lastly, when is the RDB Course planned to appear in the curriculum so that you can actually get a certificate?


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Welcome there,

Glad to hear you enjoyed the Relational DB course content. Huge props to @moT01 for his work on it.

We are continuously developing new courses, and are working on them using newer formats compared to the current curriculum. However, with anything new, we try to QA it very well before fully releasing the content on the main platform.

We do not have a planned date for releases. Once we are confident with the way the course is on the main platform, we will be sure to release it as soon as we can.

Hope this helps

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Hi and thx for the reply,

okay got it.

But is there a certain place you might announce “early access” to these courses or is it just best to keep a keen eye on the news section just like with this one?

thanks again – also to @moT01 – great work, man!

kind regards,

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the news is the best place, or in #contributors , like it was for this course too

thanks for pointing out #contributors … wouldn’t have thought of that subforum.

thanks y’all!

Thanks for the feedback @kornsp1racy, glad you’re enjoying it.

We have the beta Responsive Web Design live on our English site - it’s a little hidden and doesn’t show up in other languages yet. There’s a few other things in the works that you could see if you ran the codebase locally and set some flags to show them - but they’re in their infancy, so there isn’t a lot there yet.

cool, thx for the tip regarding the codebase, @moT01 .
I’ll check it out and fiddle around with it.


How long on average would you say it takes to complete the course

most of the time will be spent on the projects, so it’s really variable

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