Relational Database "Mario" course is not working after resuming

So I came back to it after closing. I deliberately did this early so I wouldn’t face these problems having done a lot of work.

When I came back, the coderoad window was displaying the instructions, but the terminal wasn’t there.

I started a terminal, but it was not at the same place I had left off.

The only way I was able to get into postgresql was with the command psql -U postgres. This was the name of the owner of the psql service. Every other attempt was met with errors.

When I’m in postgresql, the underscore character doesn’t work (instead it produces a space) but when I created the databases first_database and second_database they pass the tests, despite appearing with no underscores.

When I get to the stage I have to connect to the database, it doesn’t pass. I reset the project. When I return, the names of the databases have their underscores. I try to connect again and this time I do connect (underscore still not appearing on the command line), but the test does not pass.

In the photo you can see that I am connected to the correct database, yet the test does not pass. Also, you can see what is happening on the command line which has a sentence with underscores and not spaces, yet the underscores do not appear.

Also, the owner of one of the databases is different from the other.

Something is going very wrong in my setup. How do I start from fresh? How do I make sure this doesn’t happen when I have a lot of work done?

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