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I am currently doing the ‘create a Mario database’ course in the ‘relational databases’ module and I don’t mean this in a bad way, but parts of it seem a little tedious. I have a hard time seeing the learning benefit of repeating the same set of commands 5 times in succession (like writing or updating all the records). I had the same impression for the ‘create a boilerplate’ course. In my opinion, the number of lessons for these two courses could be reduced by 30-50%.

I never had this impression before this module and maybe this repetition method is due to feedback from other users.

I want to stress that I am very grateful for all the courses on FCC, including those mentioned above. Thank you for making this possible.

Database stuff mostly is tedious, to be perfectly honest.

Hello there,

Thank you for the feedback.

For the most part, the repetition is a conscious decision as reinforcement learning. The same can be seen from the new Responsive Web Design curriculum - instead of a singular lesson for a topic, the same concept is used repetitively in subsequent lessons. The main reason I bring up the new RWD curriculum is because it and the RDB curriculum were made/released around the same time - after a conscious change in style.

This was a conscious decision after discussion with learners, as well as analysis of previous curricula pain-points.

Some Campers benefit more from this than others, and some enjoy it more than others. I think you might find these sets to be non-mutually exclusive - those who do not enjoy it, might still benefit more from it.

All this said, the current freeCodeCamp curriculum is made up of sentences, lessons, and projects contributed to by hundreds of Campers. Differing styles have made their way in from everywhere. So, it is unlikely any one Camper will enjoy every piece of curricula.


Repetition is good, but in my experience, it has to be properly spaced repetition for the reinforcement to work.

Repetition can quickly become regurgitation and regurgitated information has a nasty habit of leaving your brain.

I only did two or three of the challenges but I seem to remember it having some decently spaced repetition. It was unfortunately a slightly broken experience when I tried it (CodeRoad, CodeAlly issues). I wanted to wait for it to be more stable so I haven’t done them all (too much typing for it all to get lost).

Yeah that course is definitely long, repetitive and not super challenging but I learned a lot from it. So it was worth slogging through at least in my opinion.


Thank you for your quick and informative reply, it helps to understand the considerations behind the change in format. You’re right, nobody will ever be 100% satisfied in any case. I guess I got used to the discrete bite-size format with each lesson having something new (it could be that my reaction is the product of contemporary media consumption habits). In any case I understand the choice and can better see the value in it now. Thanks


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