Relational database module

Hi, I wanted to learn about databases so i dove right into the relational database part and skipped all preceding modules. The first three parts including the celestial body database were fine and I really liked the pedagogic approach. Now I’m in the build five programs with the bash terminal and it’s quite a pain to work through. Instructions on what to do are incomplete and things are asked of one that were not taught.
I’ve had to look up things like how to delete certain lines or add text to files in specific places in the file on the internet. Right now, the instructions in Code Road were Create a variable named QUESTION1 and set it’s value to "What's your name?" . I did and nothing happened. Then I checked the hint and it said I was supposed to add it to Ah ok, so I tried to do that. Didn’t work because the double quotes I’m instructed to place around the variable, bcs it has spaces, are somehow not transferred into the file with echo QUESTION1=“What’s your name?” >> Tried to look this up under “Add variable definition to file in linux terminal” but don’t get anything useful.
Is it known if this course will remain in it’s beta version for long ?

It might not be written explicitly, but in the later stages it is not expected to make changes in files using the echo in terminal. Open file in the editor and edit it in it.

Wow, why would they do that???
Anyhow, by your suggestion and removing the single quotes around the double quotes around the string containing the single quote, directly in the file editor, suddenly I was informed I had completed the level. I tried to introduce this version through the terminal but it does not achieve the correct result.
Thank you for your suggestion!

I believe there are plans to make this more explicit in instructions.

I was just reviewing part of the course and what you say really makes a lot of sense!

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