Relational Database Periodic Table project Git master v. main branch

For the Periodic Table Database project there are 2 test that don’t pass for me:

  1. Your repository should have a main branch with all your commits.

  2. You should finish your project while on the main branch. Your working tree should be clean and you should not have any uncommitted changes.

For the previous tutorials I had a main branch and then any branches I created. But for this project it gave me a master branch on which I completed the project.

I have read about Git renaming master to main.

Is it something I can change or was I supposed to create a new main branch, which did not seem like the right thing to do?

Maybe you can do one thing. Create a new branch named main from the master branch and then set main branch as your default branch and you may delete the master branch if required.

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@kai1 Thanks.

I guess all I had to do was create and checkout a main branch to pass the tests.

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