Relational Databases Course

I am trying to start the Learn Relational Databases by Building a Mario Database course, and after proceeding with CodeAlly, the progress is struck at the last point - Starting virtual server. What can I do?

Sorry for your troubles @VBA1996. This is still in beta and we are continuously trying to make the experience more smooth and reliable. I’ve seen a number of reports like this lately, I will see if we can find what the problem is and let you know if there’s a solution you can use - or if we have a fix. Thanks for your patience.

This should be resolved. Let us know if you are still facing issues.

Same problem I’m facing

I’m not seeing this @artgallery073 - Can you share any more info? Maybe what browser you are using and do you see any errors or logs in the console that may be relevant? You could try another browser - chrome is likely the most reliable.

I regularly run into CodeAlly not starting as expect. I was first able to get in by launching an Incognito session from Chrome. Then, I found that if I used the back button on my mouse a couple of times, the VM would start as expected. Maybe one of these might help.

Hey @wdpronovost , thanks for reporting! Did you see more issues recently?

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